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Gmariine- G 30FT 2022
TUAE nationals are proud of their country's rich maritime heritage, personal experience and ambition turned to the desire to manufacture one of the best
V-Hull boats in the world. This led to the birth of G-MARINE, the first air-ventilated step hull in the middle east.
The G-MARINE's policy has always been aiming at continuous improvement in order to guarantee absolute satisfaction to all our customers. G-MARINE boats are well known for their quality, high-speed, and maneuverability
The standard features of the G-MARINE 30 include;
• The hull of the boat is made entirely of fiberglass (INFUSION).
• Canopy made entirely of aluminum covered thermal paint & toughened plastic glass • Driver's seat with upholstery
• Console with front seat
• Navigational lighting & Lights inside the canopy
• Box storage slots (9)
• Front and rear bow eye (3)
• Stainless steel Cleat (5)
• Stainless steel Rod holder (4)
• Aluminum plate for engine